0. Clone source code:

$ git clone --depth=1

The following instructions assume you have cloned this project in to directory $PROJECT.

1. Install system dependencies

Other than commonly build-in libraries (pthread, libz, libm, libstdc++), ther are some system dependencies you may need to download and install on your system environment:

For Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (xenial), type the following commands to install above dependencies (including essential programs):

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install g++ cmake
$ sudo apt-get install bison flex libz-dev libevent-dev libopenmpi-dev

On Debian 9 for example, you may also need to install

$ sudo apt install libxml2-dev

2. Download and build Indri

This project currently relies on Lemur/Indri library as dependency to provide full-text index functionality (i.e. index writer and reader), this helps us focus on math search implementation. To combine math and full-text search, we merge the results from Indri index reader and those from math search, weight them using some combined score schema. (Very high level idea)

Lemur/Indri is not likely to be in your distribution’s official software repository, so you may need to build and manually specify its library path.

Build Indri:

$ cd ~
$ git clone ./indri
$ (cd indri && ./configure && make)

If Indri reports undefined reference to ... when building/linking, install that library and run configure again:

After installing the zlib-devel package you must rerun configure so that it correctly finds it and adds the library to the ld command.

Also, if you build Indri with newer version of gcc, it may produce segmentation fault when doing text indexing. Please refer to Appendix to resolve the issue.

3. Download CppJieba

Our indexer/searcher is able to handle English and Chinese document. Here CppJieba provides us Chinese term segmentation functionality. Although we have option to choose whether or not to invoke this functionality when calling indexer/searcher programs, CppJieba is still required at compile time (at least for now) to successfully build this project.

We do not need to build CppJieba since using the header files of this C++ project is sufficient.

$ cd ~
$ wget '' -O cppjieba.tar.gz
$ mkdir -p ~/cppjieba
$ tar -xzf cppjieba.tar.gz -C ~/cppjieba --strip-components=1

4. Configure dependency path

Our project uses dep-*.mk files to configure most C/C++ dependency paths (or CFLAGS and LDFLAGS). If you have installed above dependency libraries in your system environment, you can leave these dep-*.mk files untouched. Otherwise if you compile and build dependencies locally, please modify dep-*.mk files to point to your locally built library locations.

Before building, you need to invoke ./configure to locate all external dependencies:

$ ./configure --indri-path=~/indri --jieba-path=~/cppjieba

This configure script also checks necessary libraries for building. If configure outputs any library that can not be located by the linker, you may need to install the missing dependency before build.

5. Build

Type make at project top level (i.e. $PROJECT) will do the job.

6. LaTeXML

You may also need to install LaTeXML depending on your build configuration. Please refer to Appendix for instructions.